Makeup and Body Paint

Fright Night Makeovers will be on site for Halloween makeup at Suttons again this year!!!

Call for apointment 248-673-2320 | They are available year round for parties and special events

Makeup and body painting Donna Nowack                  


Makeup Application  Couples Makeup Costumes  Motley Costumes  Green Makeup Masks  Gouged Out Head  Mad Hatter  Spiderman

Vampire Couple  Dia De Los Muertos Makeup  Yellow Face Makeup  Zombie Masks  Skeleton  Green GIant

Zombies  Curly Wig, Purple Eyeshadow  Dracula  Mortal Kombat Figures

Zombie Bride & Groom  Zombie Groom Zombie Bride  Human Body  Dia De Los Muertos Costume & Makeup  Vampire Couple

Variety of Characters

Chris Suttons Halloween  HEADACHE

Nuclear power is my friend

Our super painter-- Donnas work

I have a splitting headache